Porcelain Surfaces

Porcelain Surfaces

Porcelain is the perfect choice for homeowners, designers and architects.  Light weight and strong, porcelain surfaces offer endless possibilities for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Porcelain Surface Highlights

Stain Resistance - Porcelain combines the non-porous surface with natural materials to make for a virtual maintenance free product. The smooth, nonporous surface of porcelain resists even the toughest stains and will retain its luster for many years. 

Heat Resistance - Porcelain surfacing is virtually heat resistant. However, it is not heat proof. We do not recommend setting any extremely hot cookware directly on any countertop surface. The extreme change in temperature could cause damage. 

Cutting and Abrasion -Due to the high content of naturally hard crystals, porcelain can withstand many cuts and abrasions that would otherwise scratch your counter surface. Although we don't recommend using it as a cutting board, this material is very resistant to cutting and abrasion. 

Impact - Porcelain can withstand a higher impact than other stone surfaces.

Chemical Resistant - ASTM results found porcelain to be unaffected by many major chemicals.