What To Expect

We've developed our process over the years we've been in business in order to encompass everything you need to know from purchase to installation. Here's what you should expect:

Once You Decide to Purchase our Countertops:

Measure the width, length and depth of your countertops and fax, email or bring them to us with any drawings you may have. We will give you an initial quote based on these dimensions.

This price is an estimate; all quotes are subject to change dependent upon your final size, materials and specifications.

Removal of Countertops

You may remove your countertops yourself if you'd like, or we can remove and dispose of your countertops for you.


We will call you within 3 business days from the time you approve the price quote. Appointments are always during business hours on Monday - Friday. If you need to re-schedule, please let us know one business day prior to cancellation.


A template is an exact pattern of your future countertops created by the fabricator who produces it.

In order to create an accurate template of your future countertops, we ask that the following items be met:

• Your cabinets need to be finished and level
• Your countertops must be removed (unless we have included removal in your contract)
• You must have finished walls where countertops will be secured
• Sinks must be on site (unless you purchase sinks from us)
• Corbels or support must also be installed
• Decision maker MUST be present in order to verify and sign off on all countertop details


We will call you within 3 business days after we have received all of the measurements and details to set up an installation date and time for when the install team will arrive at your home.

Please be sure all access and entry ways to your home and work space are clear. Although we at StoneLux Design love our pets, we would advise you to keep your pets in a separate room while our install team is on site to be sure that they are safe from any dust or heavy objects.